iDeal Property Management Group, LLC

" Offering you the ideal experience in renting the perfect place to call home "

         Application Requirements

  • Provide a Valid I.D

  • Copy or Social Security Card

  • Proof Of Employment
         -Must have been at your present employer for at least 6 months.
         -Provide 6 Most recent pay stubs
         -If you are transferring/moving from out of State then you must provide 
proof of employment here including acceptance into the job and proof of Salary.

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check

  • Pass an overall Credit Check

  • Pass a rental history check

        -Rental verification are required for all applicants with previous Rental History.

  • Security deposits are required to be paid in full at the time the Lease agreement is signed.
        -Deposits are always at least a Minimum of One Months rent rate

        -Deposits Are determined based on income, rental history and background findings. The deposit amount varies per applicant!

  • Please call our office before applying to check the availability of specific properties/units! Or if you have any questions about our qualifications.
  • ALL application fees are NON-Refundable!